As many of you know, one of my major influences – probably my primary influence is Marcel DuChamp followed closely by Rufino Tamayo. Throw in my love for African shapes and early, early blues and you have a base recipe for what I am trying to do everyday.

I have a show in St. Louis this weekend, “Mosaics” in St. Charles. I have been thinking all summer about returning to a more pronounced statement about what I am saying as an artist based on returning to my influences and style that reflect what I am thinking.

To help with this effort, I am also going to incorporate a technique I learned about 15 years ago when I worked in another studio. Carving into wood panels with heat is an old Scandinavian and eastern European technique that adds a beautiful element to painting on wood panels.

So I have been re-examining my message as an artist and I am bringing a new but old technique to get work to you. Below are some pictures of the process. This painting and other new works will be in St. Louis this weekend.








More to come. Watch this 2’x3′ panel come to life when colors are added.

Let me know what you think……



Rockbrook Art Fair until 5 this afternoon. Booth 15c in the middle plaza not far from the guy that sings Jim Croce and Harry Chapin and Cat Stevens,




Get here before your painting leaves.

If you cannot get to the show today and you see your painting, contact me and will sell it to you online and pay for your shipping.


August 28, 2014


On sale until 11:59 tomorrow (Friday) night 8-29-14,

“Rain” is an original painting on a cradled 4x9x.5 wood panel. It does not require a frame.

Sale price $50. Free shipping to 48 states. Send a note or text 515-(three)60-(two)452.

Paypal only for sale items.


August 27, 2014

I’ve been making some changes on the website that I am sure will be easier to keep up to date and interesting for those of you that follow what I do. I had to learn some coding tricks to be able to use this WordPress theme effectively. More stuff is coming, stop by daily and watch things grow and develop here like never before. The plan is to use the tablet and phone more efficiently to keep everything moving. Let me know what you think as this site starts rolling…..