I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see these sketches. They are initial sketches done in chalk on a 30×40 cradled panel for a special project I’m working on for a special patron. The theme begins with speech pathology and this has been more fun than I deserve to have working on it. It’s certainly brighter than I normally am, but it’s a privilege to work on this for my patron.

Carving and painting start tomorrow. Come back and watch this week.

You know you want to.






I am finally back in the studio today and working on the 3rd & 4th major commissions for this year. The writing is cutting into painting time a bit, but that should all level out pretty soon. I was distracted by Mardi Gras, but it all helped put together this year’s theme. This year is going to feature “Stages”. You’re going to love this, so watch closely now.

I have been putting together a show tour for this summer. I was thinking about severely cutting back, but I am now more opimistic than I was last year. I will be doing shows this year, but not as many. I love seeing all of you at the shows, and I want to see all of you at the shows – I just don’t want to see some of the shows themselves, especially the circus traps. This year I want to be part of the smaller shows where I can visit with you and others that love art more than juggling turkey legs and kettlecorn in my booth. As usual, I will not post my schedule, but I will keep you up to date as much as I can. Send a note if you have a question, mmkay?

As I said, I am back working on some commission paintings this weekend. This song is shaking the walls while I get some honest work done. I was always fond of it. Truth be told, I never cared much for the taste of alcohol. But, that never stopped me. I was a well-seasoned binge drinker until my kids were born, so I am well acquainted with the lyrics of this song playing in the studio tonight:  http://youtu.be/VT-SFgkVlno. I hope you enjoy it. My youngest graduates next year, maybe I’ll take a step back to that lifestyle.

2-8-15: A Valentine for Your Little Schnookums

Ok, I have ten of these little, porcelain, two-piece, heart boxes.

I will paint the lid red with a pink heart in the middle with a very, very short message (“Be Mine”, “Bite Me”, “Love You”, etc.) of your choosing. Inside I will paint a pink heart with your initials and your little sweetie pie’s initials as well.

No threats and nothing creepy, please.

$20 via Paypal and I will pay shipping to 48 states.

I only have ten, that’s it. Text me at 515three602452. (Don’t spell out 3, use the number.) Tell me what you want, pay via Paypal, and do so asap so that I can ship by Wednesday at the latest.

$20 & your sweetie has a personalized, handpainted piece for his or her dresser or shelf to remind him or her of you and your good taste every single day.


They will all have a gloss finish. Only ten are available.

Text: 515(three)602452  Go!

1-19-15: “Selected Works – c.2012-2014 (John Stillmunks)” on YouTube

Selected Works – c.2012-2014 (John Stillmunks): http://youtu.be/X5bAK3m7pa4

Most of these images are from the last two years. A few are a bit older because this is the first movie I have made using the file images. Some images are a bit small because I picked mostly from my portfolio files that are smaller than YouTube likes.

I’m just a painter, but I am getting the hang of this video stuff.

I hope everyone enjoys these.