2016 Art Shows


So, here’s what’s happening.

I am switching things around a bit and gearing up to take my work to the next level.

2016 shows are going to be far and few between. This is a big change from the last 15 years of grinding out “street show” after “art festival” after “art in the park” to the point of me questioning what I am doing as an artist.

I am going to do some shows this year – but they are going to be pop-ups that allow me to share new things I am experimenting with as a middle-aged artist in a world where everything is not only instant, but digital and cheap; nearly worthless.

I am taking this year to look at new perspectives and vantage points. I am not impressed with the directions most shows have gone in terms of quality and envelope-pushing, and as many of you know – I will not stoop to be on par with the lowest common denominator of anything. Therefore, you may see me at a show, you might not. You might see me under a different name. You might see sculpture. You will see a new book. You could see several new books. You will see paintings that will blow you away – or maybe just raise your eyebrow a little.

I am spending 2016 learning, re-learning, painting, reading, writing, learning some more, doing some thug yoga, painting some more, practicing new media, and shifting my paradigms in the breeze as I stand here watching all of you go by.

2017 will usher in new venues that will be above street-show level. The paintings will be more and mean more than ever before once I am done evaluating what I want to say as an artist and as a person who probably has seen more than he should have.

If you see me on a bus in Chicago, a hospital in Des Moines, a bar in Omaha, a coffee house in Boulder, a gallery in Minneapolis, a show in St. Louis, or anywhere else this year – say “hi” because you’ll probably end up in a painting or a story in 2017.

I am in Normal, IL doing a little spring art show as I write this. It’s a great place to see reactions from people. My next show will be in

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