12-13-14: Your Free Christmas Card Image from Your Favorite Artist

That’s right, here is this year’s Christmas design. You may download it for your Christmas cards, flyers, websites, tattoos, and whatever else as long as you do not sell the image or claim it is yours. It is a .jpg, so you should be able to enlarge, contract, paste, etc. If you have trouble downloading it or copying it, just send me a text or note and I will help you.

It is one of the smaller paintings from the very successful “Mousetrap” series I did last spring.

Yes, the Christmas essay is coming out before Christmas. Actually, I have a whole bunch of new essays coming out beginning in January.

The book has been pushed back because of the lazy susans, which by the way – you can still order a lazy susan in time for Christmas. Those of you in Omaha, I sent 4 lazy susans to Jean in the Dundee Gallery – get there quick if you live there. If they are gone, perhaps you may see something else you like in the gallery,. Jean is a fantastic lady who has done so much for so many. Shop at her gallery in person or online if you feel so inclined or because you simply cannot resist my encouragement. (DundeeGallery.com)

Yes, new ideas are coming together for next year’s paintings – more to come next month. In the meantime, I trust you all are having a great Christmas season and I hope you enjoy this small Christmas present from me to all of you to share with your friends and relations.



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