2-8-15: A Valentine for Your Little Schnookums

Ok, I have ten of these little, porcelain, two-piece, heart boxes.

I will paint the lid red with a pink heart in the middle with a very, very short message (“Be Mine”, “Bite Me”, “Love You”, etc.) of your choosing. Inside I will paint a pink heart with your initials and your little sweetie pie’s initials as well.

No threats and nothing creepy, please.

$20 via Paypal and I will pay shipping to 48 states.

I only have ten, that’s it. Text me at 515three602452. (Don’t spell out 3, use the number.) Tell me what you want, pay via Paypal, and do so asap so that I can ship by Wednesday at the latest.

$20 & your sweetie has a personalized, handpainted piece for his or her dresser or shelf to remind him or her of you and your good taste every single day.


They will all have a gloss finish. Only ten are available.

Text: 515(three)602452  Go!


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