“Bus Stop Series”

This is a new series running parallel to the “That’s You, This is Me” project I have been working on lately.

“Bus Stops” includes a body of work I have been working on, but not showing until now. It includes observations and subsequent interpretations I have been making for years. You might like them, you may not – either way I hope you find them challenging. They need more than a few seconds to be digested – it will be fun to observe how people interact with these at the show this weekend in Minneapolis.PicsArt_1434602251848


These are small canvases. 5x7x1,5. They are sketches of events and people I’ve seen in or at bus stops. I haven’t titled them yet, as many of you know, that’s half the fun.

It can be argued I have seen too much, but I am still going to put these out. A couple more will be posted tomorrow.
They will be on display and for sale this weekend at Stone Arch in Minneapolis.

$60 each. Free shipping with online orders. Send me a note if you want one.


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