“Thank you” to all of you who have been patient during my alleged second mid-life crisis. I went back to school last year and spent my time away from the art world focused squarely on schoolwork. I also reviewed and assessed my accomplishments and failures as an artist during this reflective period.

Beginning tomorrow, I have ten more extremely intense weeks of classes, clinicals, and assessments that will monopolize my time and energy. I will then have to take a boards exam.

Once I pass boards, I’ll re-open the studio with some rather significant changes. The studio itself will not be open to the public until late 2017 or 2018 in order to work on production and presentation of new work to the marketplace.

As most people who follow my work know – I have produced practically nothing during my time in school, but I actually have been re-evaluating my work in between labs, clinicals, etc. My focus has been to determine what I want to say and how I want to say it as an artist for the balance of my life for my patrons – present and future. I have decided during my sabbatical what I want to do and how I will do it.

Several things will start changing in June.

I am pulling way back on paintings – no small pieces unless I decide to do a series of small works. Paintings will be “major” and fewer starting this summer. You are going to love them. More pronounced, more layers of complexity.

Shows and festivals are being cut way back. As most of you know, many shows have devolved into craft fairs my supporters and patrons abhor and avoid. I will still do the shows I and my patrons like and do still enjoy. Most shows aren’t necessary anymore.

People that follow what I do will start seeing my work in alternative spaces, galleries, and art centers again. Most importantly – my work will only be a phone call, text message, or web page away. Small, insignificant pieces meant to cover studio or booth costs are going to be cut out of the business plan along with art lessons, custom requests, and special orders. The plan is to state or create what I want to say as an artist and then present it to the marketplace to be accepted or panned by my buyers.

My writing was put on hold during my time spent in school as well. At least one book will be coming out hopefully before Christmas. Some people like the writing better than the painting, (sometimes I wholeheartedly agree) – those people should be pretty happy when this project rolls out.

The big news is sculpture. Watch for completely new work in a new medium that I know well and I’m excited to share it with you.

Printmaking will begin once the new studio is set up. I was experimenting on different techniques before I had to devote more time to school than I initially anticipated.

All of you that love what I do as much as I love doing it, please know I have a plan in place to make and sell the best work possible. Less prolific – but more intense paintings, no more special orders or commissions, fewer shows, a focus on sculpture over painting, lots more writing, continued printmaking and some more major changes I will share with you this summer.

If you are a patron or a fan, stay in touch with me, it’ll be worth it. You can always text me and I am easy to find on the John Stillmunks artist fan page on the Facebook.

Holler back, I love talking to all of you. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Bear with me while I finish school, the new work coming out afterward will be the best I can do for all of you.


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