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Since I went back to school and after I decided to reassess my niyamas while gazing at the yamas and whatnot, I think I am preparing my best work for all of you – without any wincing or regrets. Responses to my new work has been all over the spectrum – which is exactly what I hoped. I am humbled by your support and very grateful I have an opportunity to re-assess my work as an artist. These two paintings: "ERCP" and "Pain Is What They Say It Is" have been included in an upcoming show at the Jackson Junge Gallery over by Wicker Park in Chicago next month. The opening for "Blue" will be on September 20 – so let's meet there then, shall we? I haven't exhibited in Chicago since Bucktown 4 years ago and I am eager share my newest and bestest work just a few blocks away at this wonderful gallery. #neoexpressionist #neocubist #cubism #rawart #chicagoart #JohnStillmunks #outsiderart

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