Cleaned up!


Vanessa’s all cleaned up with a new foundation. She’s more “high maintenance” than I realized. Her skin is extremely porous, so I have to call an audible and put a clear coat over the new base before I can work the design I have in mind. Her mouth was a challenge to work on, but I now have a stirring of empathy for my dental hygienist. She’s developed a dry cough. “It’s just my allergies, baby”. #JohnStillmunksArt #ventriloquistdummy #ventriloquism #neoexpressionism #neoexpressionist #omahaartist #benchomaha #painter #artistsoninstagram #neocubist #artforsale #puppet #rawart #rawartist #outsiderartist

Vanessa Update!!

Vanessa Update! Before I do her makeover, we have to get a clean foundation. My paintings almost always start with black. It’s a carryover from the old “Sticks” days. It makes the colors more vibrant – to my mind anyway. I’ll post a couple of pics later. #JohnStillmunksArt #benchomaha #neocubist #rawartists #ventriloquistsdummy #ventriloquism #neoexpressionism #outsiderart #omahaartist

I do hope Duffy will follow through and go have his tattoos touched up while I help poor Vanessa with her aesthetic choices. Our garden is planted and several irons are, as always – thrust into the fire. Among other things, the new book is going through yet another revision and new paintings are being hammered out – all for you. Some paintings are still at the Little Gallery in Benson at least until the gallery’s new show in June. Then, even more surprises await. I simply cannot give enough thanks to everyone who supported the new work as well as those who abhorred it. A friend once told me “the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference”. I am thrilled to stir the passions of my viewers. Stay in touch. All in all we are enjoying the global pandemic to it’s fullest and we hope you are as well. Gold rings on you all!

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Changes are coming in the next couple days to this website. In order to simplify things, all available paintings (and their titles) will be viewed here with dimensions and prices.

Online sales that are not hanging in the gallery are simply taken care of by emailing me at:

I use Square, but Paypal is also an option. Major credit/debit cards are welcome. I take care of shipping.

Purchases can also be made in person and picked up at The Little Gallery Benson. All local sales and all works hanging in the gallery are handled by the gallery, please contact them by phone or email listed below.

The gallery can be reached by calling 402.681.1901 to arrange a visit at 5901 Maple St., Omaha, NE 68104. Email:

We will start posting available paintings here beginning 5/18/20!