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John Stillmunks

Independent Thought Gallery and Studio

5810 Franklin Avenue

Des Moines, IA 50322


Twitter: @JohnStillmunks

Facebook: John Stillmunks Fan Page


6 thoughts on “Contact Page – Please Subscribe Here for Updates

  1. John, Loved your article on Empty Easel Newsletter. I so agree with you. I don’t do giclees or prints either. I like your work. I love the town of St. Charles, Mo. I lived in Bridgeton, Mo. in the Carrollton Subdivision from 62 to 68, went to Hazelwood h.s. Thanks for the insights. Patt


  2. Just read your article on Empty “No, Not Everybody’s an Artist (Despite What They May Think).” You but into words what I’ve felt for some time. There seems to be a very heavy emphasis on the marketability of one’s art and not the ART itself. I’m not a big fan of “copies” or should I say “prints” either….I feel it takes away from the original…one little piece at a time! Thanks for sharing.
    Susan M. Olsen


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