“Duck a la Schadenfreude”


New Work Now in Minneapolis


Back at It

My new work will be available soon (very soon) in the best place to buy art in all of the Twin Cities and beyond: “Artistic Indulgence”

I’ve worked with the owners before and I am thrilled Mike and Irene are taking in my sculptures alongside the other great artists’ work in the space!

Go see them and my brand new work in Minneapolis at Artistic Indulgence in late October or early November.

Contact Artistic Indulgence for details!!

New Stuff

Changes are continuing at a faster pace.

As of June 1, 2018, while the new studio will not be open to visits, we can be reached by mail at:

John Stillmunks
1550 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy R Suite # 613
Henderson, NV 89012

Email: johnstillmunks(at)gmail.com

Phone/Text: 515three60245two


More to come!


Changes are Happening, 2018

FB_IMG_1518930716087Plans are still in the works to open up the new studio this spring or possibly summer and things are definitely moving along.

Lots of hoops to jump through first.

Probably no shows this year.

I plan to introduce sculptures before doing some shows in 2019, perhaps late 2018.

In the meantime, I have been posting prints and some experimental things while I am making the switch from exclusively painting to primarily sculpture and books.

This is certainly easier said than done. Thanks to everyone for their support and patience while these changes are taking place.

I am really enjoying sharing new work on Instagram. (johnstillmunksart)

Here’s the link for new work below:


Don’t forget to stay current with tangledupandtrue.com



New Work

We’ve been cleaning up the website and getting everything updated. 

I do not have any original paintings available for purchase at this time. Some prints are available below. I am currently not accepting commissions or custom orders.

Originals will again be available in the future, however since I am making a transition to illustration and sculpture, my inventory of paintings will be significantly less compared to what it used to be.

Current Work for Sale